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The Golden Retriever is an iconic dog - and for good reason! Obedient, playful, intelligent, and polite are all terms used to describe this beloved breed.​

The Golden Retriever is an iconic dog - and for good reason! Obedient, playful, intelligent, and polite are all terms used to describe this beloved breed. They make effective watchdogs while retaining the lovable personality that makes them endearing to family and strangers alike! Golden Retrievers are consistently at the top of obedience classes and are often champions in sporting and competitions.

Golden Retrievers are clever and easy to train. They are natural people-pleasers with high food motivation, making them an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. Their trainability makes them a top contender for service and therapy dogs, and in recent years they have been a favorite in police forces, who utilize them for search and rescue.

Beauty and brains make the Golden Retriever a complete package, with an easy-going personality that quickly makes friends with anyone. In the US, the American Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds for families. The English Golden Retriever, however, is quickly rising in popularity due to its beautiful pale gold coloring. At Golden Sensation Kennels, we specialize in preservation and appreciation for the English Golden Retriever.

The English Golden, also known as the British Golden Retriever, has a brilliant light golden coat and a more sturdy build compared to its American cousin.

All the dogs in our breeding program come from excellent pedigrees, with champion bloodlines. Our dogs live in our home and sleep in our bedroom at night. Working from home gives us the pleasure of their company day and night. While the dogs have a doggy door to access their dog park, they often choose to be in the house with us. We step over them to make dinner, move them over to make room on the bed so we can sleep, and some are not shy to follow us into the bathroom. We consider all our dog’s family members which is why we will never sell or rehome any of our breeding dogs after they are retired from our program. All our dogs have health insurance with no lifetime cap, they receive yearly exams with blood work, titer tests are done first then vaccinated if immunity is low.  

Our mission is to produce English Golden Retrievers that excel in all aspects of life. Health and soundness is a top priority in our breeding program. All of our English Golden Retrievers have had their hips and elbows cleared through OFA or BVA/FCI,  hearts are examined by a board certified cardiologist using an echocardiogram, eyes are examined yearly for observable inherited eye disease by an ACVO Diplomat (Ophthalmologist), DNA analysis for hereditary diseases is completed for each dog by Paw Print Genetics. All dogs have submitted DNA samples to AKC for parentage verification. 


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